Album ufficiali

Album ufficiali

Feed me weird things (1996)

Squarepusher Theme, Tundra, The Swifty, Dimotane Co, Smedleys Melody, Windscale 2, North Circular, Goodnight Jade, Theme From Ernest Borgnine, U.F.O.’s Over Leytonstone, Kodack, Future Gibbon

Hard normal daddy (1997)

Coopers World, Beep Street, Rustic Raver, Anirog D9, Chin Hippy, Papalon, E8 Boogie, Fat Controller, Vic Acid, Male Pill Part 13, Rat/P’s And Q’s, Rebus

Music is rotted one note (1998)

Chunk-S, Don’t Go Plastic, Dust Switch, Curve 1, 137 (Rinse), Parallelogram Bin, Circular Flexing, Ill Descent, My Sound, Drunken Style, Theme From Vertical Hold, Ruin, Shin Triad, Step 1, Last Ap Roach

Big loada (1998)

Come On My Selector, A Journey To Reedham (7.AM Mix), Full Rinse, Massif (Stay Strong), The Body Builder (Dressing Gown Mix), Tequila Fish, Jacques Mal Chance (Il N’a Pas De Chance), Port Rhombus, Problem Child, Significant Others, Lone Ravers (Live In Chelmsford Mix), The Barn (303 Kebab Mix), Come On My Selector

Selection sixteen (1999)

The ‘Eye, Square Rave, Time Borb, Dedicated Loop, Tomorrow World, Cool Veil, Schizm Track #1, Freeway, Snake Pass, Yo, Mind Rubbers, Tesko, Acid Tape Track
(Bonus Mixes) 8 Bit Mix #1, 8 Bit Mix #2, Schizm Track #2 Mix, Ceephax Mix

Budakhan mindphone (1999)

Iambic 5 Poetry, Fly Street, The Tide, Splask, Two Bass Hit (Dub), Varkatope, Gong Acid

Go plastic (2001)

My Red Hot Car, Boneville Occident, Go! Spastic, Metteng Excuske v1.2, The Exploding Psychology, I Wish You Could Talk, Greenways Trajectory, Tommib, My Fucking Sound, Plaistow Flex Out

Do you know squarepusher (2002)

Do You Know Squarepusher, F-Train, Kill Robok, Anstromm-Feck 4, Conc 2 Symmetriac, Mutilation Colony, Love Will Tear Us Apart

Ultravisitor (2004)

Ultravisitor, I Fulcrum, Iambic 9 Poetry, Andrei, 50 Cycles, Menelec, C-Town Smash, Steinbolt, An Arched Pathway, Telluric Piece, District Line II, Circlewave, Tetra-Sync, Tommib Help Buss, Every Day I Love

Hello everything (2006)

Hello Meow, Theme From Sprite, Bubble Life, Planetarium, Vacuum Garden, Circlewave 2, Cronecker King, Rotate Electrolyte, Welcome To Europe, Plotinus, The Modern Bass Guitar, Orient Orange

Just a souvenir (2008)

Star Time 2, The Coathanger, Open Society, A Real Woman, Delta-V, Aqueduct, Potential Govaner, Planet Gear, Tensor In Green, The Glass Road, Fluxgate, Duotone Moonbeam, Quadrature, Yes Sequitur

Solo electric bass 1 (2009)

SEB-1.01, SEB-1.09, SEB-1.10, SEB-1.04, SEB-1.06, SEB-1.02, SEB-1.03, SEB-1.05, SEB-1.07, SEB-1.08, SEB-1.11, SEB-1.12

Shobaleader One - d'Demonstrator (2010)

Plug Me In, Laser Rock, Into The Blue, Frisco Wave, Megazine, Abstract Lover, Endless Night, Cryptic Motion, Maximum Planck

Ufabulum (2012)

4001, Unreal Square, Stadium Ice, Energy Wizard, Red In Blue, The Metallurgist, Drax 2, Dark Steering, 303 Scopem Hard, Ecstatic Shock

Damogen Furies (2015)

Stor Eiglass, Baltang Ort, Rayc Fire 2, Kontenjaz, Exjag Nives, Baltang Arg, Kwang Bass, D Frozent Aac


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Luca segue tenacemente Tom Jenkinson fin dal 1998, anno in cui per caso alla radio qualche intrepido DJ passò qualche brano di quel capolavoro di Music is rotted one note.