Compilation & Raccolte

Compilation & Raccolte

Burningn'n tree (1997)

Central Line, Untitled, Nux Vomica, Eviscerate, Untitled, Male Pill 5, Sarcacid Part 1, Conumber, Untitled, Eviscerate (Version), Toast For Hardy, Sarcacid Part 2

Warp20 (Classics²) Go Plastic / Ultravisitor (2009)

(1/Go Plastic) My Red Hot Car, Boneville Occident, Go! Spastic, Metteng Excuske V 1.2, The Exploding Psychology, I Wish You Could Talk, Greenways Trajectory, Tommib, My Fucking Sound, Plaistow Flex Out
(2/Ultravisitor) Ultravisitor, I Fulcrum, Iambic 9 Poetry, Andrei, 50 Cycles, Menelec, C-Town Smash, Steinbolt, An Arched Pathway, Telluric Piece, District Line II, Circlewave, Tetra-Sync, Tommib Help Buss, Every Day I Love


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Luca segue tenacemente Tom Jenkinson fin dal 1998, anno in cui per caso alla radio qualche intrepido DJ passò qualche brano di quel capolavoro di Music is rotted one note.