Singoli & EP

Singoli & EP

Conumber E:P (1995)

Conumber, Eviscerate, Male Pill 5, 213 (Maritime.epsosis), Eviscerate (Version), Spymania Theme

Port Rhombus EP (1996)

Port Rhombus, Problem Child, Significant Others

Squarepusher plays... (1996)

Squarepusher Theme, Theme From Goodbye Renaldo, Deep Fried Pizza

Vic acid (1997)

Vic Acid (Hard And Normal Mix), Lone Raver (Live In Chelmsford Mix), The Fat Controller (G7000 Remix), The Barn (303 Kebab Mix)

Big loada (1997)

A Journey To Reedham ( Mix), Full Rinse (Featuring MC Twin Tub), Massif (Stay Strong), Come On My Selector, The Body Builder (Dressing Gown Mix), Tequila Fish, Jaques Mal Chance (Il N’a Pas De Chance)

Male pill part 13 (1997)

Male Pill Part 13

My sound / Don't go plastic (1998)

My Sound, Don’t Go Plastic

Anti-Greylord Protection Scheme Prelude (1999)

Schizm Track #2 Mix, 8 Bit Mix #1, 8 Bit Mix #2, Ceephax Mix

Maximum priest E.P.

Song: Our Underwater Torch, Decathlon Oxide, You’re Going Down, Cranium Oxide, Two Bass Hit (AE Mix), Circular Flexing (Yee-King Mix), Shin Triad (Wagonchrist Mix)

I am carnal, and I know that you approve (1999)

(Squarepusher/Richard Thomas) Plate Core, (Squarepusher/Richard Thomas) Richard Is Dick Extended, (Richard Thomas) I Am Carnal And I Know That You Approve, (Squarepusher/Richard Thomas) Slope

Do you know squarepusher?(2001)

Do You Know Squarepusher?

My red hot car (2001)

My Red Hot Car (Girl), My Red Hot Car, Hardcore Obelisk, I Wish You Obelisk, Untitled

Ultravisitor (2003)

Square Window, Talk About You & Me, Ultravisitor

Venus no.17 (2004)

Venus No.17, Venus No.17 Acid Mix, Tundra 4

Square window (2004)

Square Window, Abacus 2, Venus No.17, Itti-Fack, Melt 14.6

Exciton (2006)


Hanningfield Window (2006)

Hanningfield Window

Welcome to europe (2006)

Welcome To Europe, Hanningfield Window, Exciton

Numbers lucent (2009)

Zounds Perspex, Paradise Garage, Heliacal Torch, Star Time 1, Arterial Fantasy, Illegal Dustbin

Squarepusher & Edrec Present Shobaleader One - Cryptic motion (2010)

Cryptic Motion, Cryptic Motion (Mr Oizo Remix)

Squarepusher Presents Shobaleader One - d'Demonstrator (Radio Edits) (2010)

Megazine (Radio Edit), Cryptic Motion (Radio Edit), Into The Blue (Radio Edit)

Enstrobia (2012)

Angel Integer, Panic Massive, 40.96a


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